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Hotel Commodore Promo

I got asked to shoot a promo for the Commodore Hotel – which is owned and operated by the Patterson family who are good friends of mine. I mixed old super 8mm footage in with new footage I shot for the 90 second spot.

Check it out…

Shot & Directed by LOGAN McMILLAN | Starring GEORGIA EASTER

Earnest Promo Shoot

A local theatre group is putting on a production of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ directed by David Sheard. I was asked to shoot some promo pictures for them at Otahuna Lodge just out of Christchurch.  Below is just a selection of the many shots I took in 3 hours.

I was lucky enough to convince Erin McLean from Inspire Images to assist on the shoot.  Thanks also to Lakefly ProductionsLightworkx Photography for the loan of gear. All shot on a Canon 550D.

The Important Dates


Rachel & Nick in bathroom

The Piano Room

Rachel Nick Louise & the lion Paddy Paddy & Louise

Paper Jamz Promo in China

Shot & Directed by MIKE GONZALES & LOGAN McMILLAN | Witten by MIKE GONZALES | Shot on a Canon 550D & Canon 5D mk2

Recently I got asked to go to Hong Kong and shoot a promo for toy company Wow Wee.

My good friend Mike Gonzales works there and was a co-director on this project. Travelled across into mainland China to shoot in a factory. Was super hot. Interestingly we weren’t allowed to use any actors – so had to pick out our cast from the real factory workers on the morning of the shoot.

Another challenge was that none of the workers could speak or understand any english.  So we had 2 translators – one from english to cantonese and one from cantonese to mandarin. It took forever to tell the ‘actors’ what we wanted them to do.

Ended up being a lot of fun though – and the workers had a great time!

Mike and myself setup a shot on the slider.

They provided 4 of us with something like 12 McDonalds combos for lunch!

Surrounded by merchandise.

Mike with his Canon 550D & 70-200mm f2.8 L series lens.

Trying to get some cool jumping shots. The actors loved this.

One of the funniest things of the shoot was Mike teaching the workers how to rock out.

China's very own Bruce Springsteen & Pe-Wee Herman

Julia Deans – The Wish You Wish You Had

Was lucky enough to get to shoot a music video for the amazing Julia Deans! She had a quick visit to CHCH coming up so we had to turn around the video fast for her. Ended up going back to the Lightworkx studio (which is an amazing space) and using their coloured backdrops. All shot on the Canon EOS 550D.

Director / Edit LOGAN McMILLAN | Producer KATIE O’BRIEN | Grip / Gaffer ANDREW DEAN | Makeup BRAE TOIA | Studio LIGHTWORKX

Cairo Knife Fight – This Is Love

Got a last minute call from Cairo Knife Fight to shoot a video for their new single ‘This Is Love’ and get it out asap!

It ended up being a 2 day shoot – one of the days went well into the rainy night so thanks to the effort from all the crew!

Visit their official Myspace here

grip / gaffer ANDREW DEAN
makeup BRAE TOIA
producer KATIE O’BRIEN
director / editor / dop LOGAN McMILLAN

Shot entirely on the Canon 7D and 550D.


Update: Watch the finished movie here.

Well after much work we finally have a trailer to show.  Check it out:

Writer, Director & Editor LOGAN McMILLAN  |  Producer KATIE O’BRIEN  |  Starring DJ IWIKAU, BEN EDWARDS & EMILY TRENBERTH  |  Art Direction BRYCE HOLTHOUSEN  |  Production Manager FLIP GRATER  |  Camera Op DAN WATSON  |  Grip / B Camera ANDREW DEAN  |  VFX DAN WATSON  |  Practical Effects CHESTER DEXTAR  |  Data Wrangler SIMON RYAN  |  Makeup LUCY HARVEY  |  SFX Makeup BRAE TOIA  |  Makeup Assistant JULIE CLARK  |  Pyrotechnics FIREWORKS PROFESSIONALS |  Audio Post THE SITTING ROOM